Applicators trained and prepared at .bagoitalia develop an innovative approach to the application of antique decorative techniques.
Participants also learn about the characteristics and treatments of natural materials, acquiring the sensitivity necessary for a clever interaction with them. Such materials, being ‘alive’, present particular attributes and interact in a particularly significant way with the environmental factors of the site of application, such as temperature, relative humidity, degree of absorption of the substrates, and materiality of the compound that is applied.
Professional application staff trained by .bagoitalia develops attitudes conducive to collaboration, self-empowerment, and accountability, as well as a particular aptitude for balancing art and technique. Our trainings also place emphasis on the quality of the conduct of those involved in the project, principle embodied in the adoption of the ‘.bagoitalia style’ – a structured yet flexible model of organisational methods, practices, values, and norms of behaviour. Hence, the specialised .bagoitalia staff becomes not only professionally valid and efficient, but also emotionally intelligent and trustworthy.