Every project begins with the choice of the raw material. The ongoing research conducted within the .bagoitalia atelier places great attention on the selection of fine raw materials, favouring natural materials such as lime, earthenware, clay, chalk, and white micronised cements. The internal team carefully studies the performance these materials reveal when dressing a variety of forms, as well as engaging in a continuous process of experimentation to identify their best combinations.
At .bagoitalia bio-design means not only the intelligent discovery and processing of natural raw material into refined products Made in Italy, but also to pursue its sustainable enhancement through perpetual cycles of regeneration of valuable raw material originating from the mother earth. Such transformation gives rise to an infinite range of unique products, which are then shaped in a multiplicity of forms always new and original that find their life renewed over time.
The main objectives of each .bagoitalia project are the achievement of maximum functional and aesthetic results arising from the combination of selected natural raw materials with protectives displaying the best performance. As such, we only employ highly innovative protectives, some of which are patented by .bagoitalia itself.