Digitisation is deeply changing the life and work of architects and design studios. In keeping with its mission to offer extraordinary services to professionals within the design industry, .bagoitalia moves its first steps within the world of virtual reality, novelty that promises to forever revolutionise the work of architects and designers.

Using innovative softwares and technologies originating from the gaming industry, virtual reality systems allow a professional to virtually design buildings and interiors. Architects and their clients can completely immerse in the project, experiment it first hand, interact with spaces, and more easily revise designs thanks to a spatial perception that renderings and technical drawings in 2D cannot provide. Virtual reality hence not only transforms the work of architects and designers, but revolutionises the very way in which projects are presented to the customer, which now takes place in real time through photo-realistic graphics, thus streamlining design times and costs. The Virtual Reality service by .bagoitalia is based on the creative experimentation of the enormous potential of innovative cutting-edge technologies, and is built in collaboration with trained professionals in the industry.

“The enormous advantage of virtual reality is that through sensory immersion you can perceive proportions and dimensions in a realistic manner, achieving what it is impossible to do by means of a 2D drawing, which always involves distortions of perspective.

Within five years, virtual reality will revolutionize the work of the architect, who will be able to explore new frontiers. Studios will probably have a room dedicated to virtual reality, where people can put on a headset and move around the designs of buildings, and perhaps use new interactive instruments: it is hard even to imagine what will happen when the perspective is turned on its head and the architect is able to design a building while immersed inside it.”

Jon Brouchoud, Architect and founder of the Arch Virtual studio (US) specialising in the use of virtual reality