.bagoitalia wishes to ‘naturally’ protect the beauty and elegance of its works, for their prestige to be treasured over time.
To this end we exclusively employ natural or water-based products that are aliphatic and endowed with high wear-resistance and excellent quality components. We distinguish ourselves in two fundamental ways: for our internal research and the results we obtained. All products are EC certified. We are constantly seeking the best, well aware that progress is ever-advancing!

Among our most innovative products we recommend:
HydroRepel Total – Massive waterproofing product for waterproofing the entire layer of the paste. Of particular interest for the coating of saunas, steam baths, showers, and bathtubs.
Permanent Protection ‘Butterfly’ – Innovative protection easily catalyzed by UV lamp and extremely resistant to aggressive agents such as solvents, acids and paints. Patented by .bagoitalia