The line Essential Milano consists of an artistic monolithic seamless coating only a few millimeters thick conferring a sophisticated mood to contemporary spaces. The line is based on the .bagoitalia material CoverCem, a colourful paste of micronised cement that, skilfully stretched by spatula over various layers, generates aesthetic effects of variegations and silkiness, refined material contrapositions, and uneven overlaps, creating an essential atmosphere of minimalism that restores luminosity and amplifies spaces. Rigorously Made in Italy.

Material: CoverCem

CoverCem is a solventless blend of white micronised cement and water polymers with extremely high performance. Monocomponent designed to coat, renew, and refurbish old floors and walls or to realise new continuous surfaces on existing substructure, such as floors and walls in concrete, screeds and sidewalks in sand-cement, ceramic, cement, wood, marble, metal, glass, plaster, plasterboard, etc. It is also important to note that this treatment is a shaving and not a structural layer.


Employable either in new buildings or to renovate without demolition, CoverCem is suitable for a wide range of surfaces, such as walls, stairs, and floors, situated in private or commercial interiors. The warm and natural effects characterising CoverCem-coated surfaces confer a pleasantly sober as well as elegant look, exalting extremely minimal modern environments as well as the most traditional contexts. The employment of CoverCem boasts not only a low impact on the environment due to the null VOC content, but also a significant reduction of construction inconvenience, times, and costs, by its not requiring the demolition of the existing foundation during the renovation works.


This covering consists of micronised cement with null VOC content, presents a thickness of 2-3 mm, and grants the freedom to imagine every possible colour. Thanks to new application techniques allowing the superimposition of compact layers, this product is ideal to fashion surfaces that resut clean, customised, and aesthetically refined. Realised during the very elaboration process, the contribution of the craftsman connotes each floor as unique – never exactly reproducible. CoverCem’s applicability over almost any substrate also eliminates the need to demolish the existing foundations during the renovation works, thus significantly reducing construction inconveniences, times, and costs. Compact in both its smoothest or more bodily forms, the related protective finishes are available in matte, satinised, or glossy. The product is perfectly suited to the requirements of green building.


Natural minerals, micronised cement, and non-toxic non-contaminant polymers, respectful of both the environment as well as the health of clients and applicating staff.