When I seek another word for ‘music’, I never find any other word than ‘Venice’.
Friedrich Nietzsche

The line Elegance Venezia consists of a earthenware and lime paving pasta within which a rich variety of inert materials may be nestled to generate a product of exclusive elegance. .bagoitalia reinterprets the ancient technique of the Terrazzo flooring (from the italian ‘Terrazzo Veneziano’) enriching its composition, colour, insertions, and designs, thereby further enhancing the splendour of an already refined artistic expression and precious artifact. Rigorously Made in Italy.

Material: Terrazzo Flooring

The Italian Terrazzo is a structural seamless pavement offering endless possibilities of aesthetic customisation, including incorporated materials and chromatic combinations, making it among the most noble solutions for spacious surfaces.


Due to its refined nature, this unique flooring is predominantly found within hotels, luxury shopping centers, SPAs, and other elegant locations.


The Terrazzo is a flooring realised during the very elaboration process, where the contribution of the craftsman connoted each floor as unique – never exactly reproducible. This artifact is characterised by a highly resistant to wear, as well as proving antistatic, sound-absorbent, flame-retardant, and completely seamless. Applicable on existing floors that underwent proper checks without needing to remove them, the overall thickness of the layer can range up to 4cm in diameter. The product is perfectly suited to the requirements of green building.


This sophisticated product is highly customisable according to the needs of the client. As such, inserts may range from marble and stones to extremely precious metals, and may even be employed to achieve valuable three-dimensional decorations.