This new generation of seamless coverings for walls, floors, and other continuous surfaces weds ancient materials with innovative technologies, resulting in the possibility to waterproof the entire thickness of a surface and exponentially reducing working times. These coatings can be realised both in indoor and outdoor spaces, and work under extreme environmental conditions, such as in the case of SPAs, saunas, and swimming pools. Thanks to the flatness of the resulting surface (1-3 mm) and its high adhesion to most substrates – whether new or pre-existing – our coverings are widely used in new constructions as well as renovations. They are, in fact, employable on ceramics, cement, wood, marble, metal, glass, plaster, and plasterboard.

Each .bagoitalia work represents the synthesis of three essential elements, dynamically intertwined in an ever-evolving relationship: the historicity of application techniques, the naturalness of raw materials, and the contemporaneity of stylistic solutions. The starting point are the senses. Our collections, decorations, and furnishing complements are designed to transform the very perception of a space and to tailor a stylistic continuum, a scenario binding together design, art, and fashion. A space becomes a fresh skin created to enhance individual creativity and the most intimate sense of beauty, a force tending to the avantgarde.

In order to obtain a unique composition out of every piece, .bagoitalia only employs products it previously tested, selected, and certified. Moreover, the selection of all raw materials – such as lime, opus signinum, magnesite, clay, or white micronised cement – as well as the composition of our blends and protective treatments (water-based and solventless) conform to the principles of green building, besides providing the highest performance.

Every single piece of work can be customised according to the discretion and personal interpretation of client and designer, starting by colours, textures, and materials, in a flowing ensamble of aesthetics, style, and functionality; an artwork created to last over time. .bagoitalia clients can thus choose among three different Categories of Finishings, ranging from solutions focussed on ease and sobriety, while still elegant and eco-friendly, to more extravagant and intensive choices made particularly valuable by the preciousness of the employed materials or the sophisticated levels of tailorisation.

The Categories of Finishings .bagoitalia:



Standard finishing in four trendy colors. It confers a sober style, while maintaining elegance and eco-friendliness.


Elaborate finishing with variable levels of customisation depending on texture, colour, and layers of coating desired. For a rich and hefty aesthetic resulting in interesting touches of chiaroscuro conferring intensive depth to the surface.


Highest finishing, involving the maximum level of customisation. It may include the employment of precious materials such as pure gold leaves, refined purples, crystal gems, exquisite diamonds, or anything you wish.