.bagoitalia’s long-standing collaboration with major design studios enable us to be familiar with their requirements and anticipate their needs, whether by providing the technical expertise required to perform measurements or developing three-dimensional models to facilitate the choice of the final customer.


The selection of the finest natural blends, as well as the research of finishes, application techniques, and chromatic combinations are all supported by .bagoitalia specialists. Designer and client are accompanied step by step by a .bagoitalia expert throughout the journey to explore the end result.


Once the handiwork begins crystallising in its components – such as color, shape and pattern – .bagoitalia develops samples to assess the feasibility of the project.


Each approved blend is then moulded on the surface by craftsmen, thus outlining the design concept. Thanks to the know-how of our experts, the meticulous capability of our workers, high-value artisan operations, and a series of procedures wisely codified over time, the project is led to completion as planned.