The start-up .bagoitalia is an ambitious spin-off born from the encounter between two exceptional enterprises – Giesse Service and Novarch, by Stefano Gobbo and Patrizia Bardella respectively, who now guide the .bagoitalia project as founder members. Their solid competence, as well as the positive feedback gathered from customers following multiple joint realisations in areas such as residential, retailer, resort, and wellness, have deeply inspired Stefano and Patrizia to imagine and give life to this innovative start-up. .bagoitalia merges experience, know-how, and decades of professional relationships with the worlds of interior design, artistic decoration, architecture, technology, and science, as demonstrated by the collaboration with the University of Bologna and other established centres testing applied materials.


Technical Director

Founder of Giesse Service, from 25 years Stefano develops and realises surfaces in resin for civil and industrial settings with film or thickness treatments. Having initially entered the resin industry through the realisation of consolidation, renovation, and protection treatments, his collaborations with big industrial groups such as Coca-Cola, San Benedetto, and Pasta Voltan, resulted in his enterprise being numbered among the most nationally-renowned companies in the field of highly-technological surfaces. More recently, his decision to introduce decorations in micronised cement within its range of services defined him as a prominent point of reference in the field of Retail. Such extensive experience brought him to perfect innovative solutions, particularly within the field of surfaces protection, area in which his new start-up .bagoitalia patents products.

“Stefano still strikes me today for his deep and respectful sapience in the field of materials and application techniques – attributes and expertise that distinguish him both nationally and internationally. His passion for the pursuit of new combinations of forms, colours, and materials is a daily inspiration.”


Commercial Director

The 4-year period of academic learning and personal training Patrizia spent at the Hannoversche Universitaet in Germany completely shaped her way of conceiving business management, for which the valorisation and empowerment of human beings is the key element in order to align processes and procedures and deliver excellent results – a vision which crystallises into strategy. Having simultaneously matured a strong sensitivity to environmental issues and sustainability, she then dedicated nearly a decade to the experimenting of new solutions by designing and implementing works transversal to green building and bio-architecture through her enterprise Novarch, design studio for sustainable solutions. .bagoitalia represents a further step along her quest for elegance, inevitably stemming from knowledge and technique.

“Patrizia amazed me for her dedicated determination and the deep-rooted ability to define and infuse identity to a product through a simple hand gesture. What I find touching in her work is that sense of refinement conveyed through her quintessential manipulation of fine natural materials such as lime, opus signinum, or clay. Her innovative vision unites, transforms, and wisely molds them, generating unique pieces that find in their new setting their natural home.”

Innovation has never come through bureaucracy and hierarchy.
It’s always come from individuals.
John Sculley