Choreographers of Spaces . Dressers of Surfaces . Creators of Emotions

To shape and create exclusive sites by customising each creation, drawing inspiration from sophisticated application techniques that are historical heritage of our masters and yet reinterpreting and relocating them, generating a mixture of art and design. To tastefully blend the elegant Italian beauty and craftsmanship in search of new designs, trends, and forms. To create stylistic and chromatic bonds between the spaces and objects animating an environment, endowing it with suggestive and material movements and hand-made irregularities transforming a surface into a tactile experience. To fashion surfaces with a skin smooth and soft as silk, or highly tactile and rough as a split stone.

Style . Ingenuity . Biodesign

The .bagoitalia atelier has chosen to employ refined natural materials in its pursuit of beauty within shapes and spaces, thus respecting and acting in harmony with nature. In addition, our stylistic research and its application in connection with natural materials led us to results of relevant sophistication and authenticity in terms of colour, matter, and the chiaroscuro effects achieved.

The main fuel to speed the progress is our stock of knowledge;
the brakes are our lack of imagination.
Julian Lincoln Simon