The ‘atelier of materials’ .bagoitalia is a project of research and innovation.

.bagoitalia stands for continuous experimentation and the constant technical and creative research of materials and designs, combined with the pursuit of protective solutions capable of reinforcing the natural beauty of the decorative works fashioned. Thanks to the uninterrupted dialogue between the cognitive elements characterising us and the outside, .bagoitalia becomes the place for innovating, customising colours and finishes, and designing creative and tailored solutions.

The close collaboration with leading design studios has also inspired .bagoitalia to endow spaces with an original continuity of design, moving from continuous surfaces towards the moulding of its own line of furniture elements. Through such highly customised works involving refined materials, collections, finishes, and colours, continuity is formed between the various .bagoitalia elements – floors, walls, table tops, stairways, or even a furniture element.

The clients of the atelier are offered the opportunity to choose between an extensive range of proposals branded ‘.bagoitalia’, or develop their own customised solution with our in-house team. The staff involves our client in a process of co-creation, from which emerge unique tailored decorative solutions.

Our commitment is to work within progress, for progress. Progress at .bagoitalia means harmony and creativity, as well as economic and environmental sustainability.

Passion and curiosity drive innovation.
Dan Brown