.bagoitalia ‘l’atelier della materia’ is the new dimension of design Made in Italy – due to the synthesis of innovation, art, design and craftsmanship into the processing of our continuous surfaces with natural materials as well as last generation resin flooring and walls.

.bagoitalia is firmly established in the residential, retailer and resort sectors thanks to our capacity, developed over the years, of transforming a space or an object into a sensorial and emotional experience lasting overtime. The .bagoitalia services and products include application, consultancy, research and executive planning, as well as the realisation of decorative coatings for thin continuous surfaces such as floorings, walls, table tops, swimming pools, and saunas. Our specialised staff employs refined natural materials such as opus signinum, lime, clay, stone, magnesite, tadelakt, white micronised cement, and eco-friendly resins. Moreover, thanks to innovative protective materials patented by .bagoitalia, we can guarantee an optimal performance both functional and aesthetic, significant value added as compared to other existing solutions.

The atelier della materia is an innovative project centred around the concept of customised service. Born to respond to the aspirations of those seeking exclusive design and creative customisation combined with natural materials of high performance and value, the project involves architects, interior designers and professional studios in a process of co-creation of ideas. While not meaning to renounce the flavour of simplicity, what we live for is giving expression to exclusive and personalised shapes and styles. Every creation of the atelier stems from the synergethic empathy patiently built between clients, architects, and .bagoitalia.

Born out of the 25-year experience in the treatment of surfaces for world players such as Coca-Cola, Duvetica, Twin Set, and San Benedetto, the project stems from the prestigious outcomes resulting from projects managed in collaboration with major studios. Today, the proven skills of our highly qualified staff enable us to provide competent global consultancy inclusive of on-site inspections, preparation of drawings, and even 3D renders. Reliable partner for any kind of project involving thin covering, .bagoitalia supports its clients throughout the stages of planning, inspection, technical checking, and general problem-solving – whether consisting of interior or exterior design.

The costant research carried out in the technical field as well as with regards to designs, natural materials, and artistic decorations endows the team with an evergreen outlook, characterising the atelier as a contemporary interpreter of prestigious ancient techniques.

We wish to express our gratitude in particular to our collaborators for their enthusiastic encouragement and emotional involvement in contributing to this exciting and continuously evolving project.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
Steve Jobs